Sustainability at Forest Hills South

Energy Efficiency


We have reduced greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs by converting all  building boilers to cleaner burning natural gas. In the summer, we use a  separate system of water heaters, which reduces annual fuel consumption by 20%.

Cool Roofs


  During a typical summer day, flat, black asphalt rooftops can reach temperatures of 190°F. We have installed white vinyl roofs to reflect the sun's rays and reduce internal building temperatures by up to 30%.

Lighting Upgrades


Lighting across the property has been updated, moving from fluorescent bulbs to LED. This simple change results in significant electric savings each and every year.



Recycling rooms for glass, metal, paper and plastic are located on every floor. Residents can donate used clothing to help New Yorkers in need by using the convenient Re-fashioNYC bins in each building.

Irrigation System


Our lush lawns and colorful gardens are irrigated by water from our own well, a renewable source which reduces our consumption of city water and lowers our operating costs.

Gardening Green


Our talented landscaping staff propagates perennial flowers and shrubs via cuttings and periodic transplanting. Grass clippings and other yard waste are composted and reused for mulching the garden beds.

Community Supported Agriculture


Farm-Fresh Organic Produce Delivered Weekly

No need to travel to the greenmarket for fresh organic produce. The FHS Community Supported Agriculture program brings weekly deliveries of vegetables, fruit and eggs direct to our property from Norwich Meadows Farm, a family-owned and operated organic farm in upstate New York.  CSA membership fees support sustainable farming and farmers.  The program extends over 22 weeks from Spring to Fall.